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Finally, a dating coach that men can go to town with, literally! Shanti works with women as well as men yet the female clientele has never been difficult to attract in this arena. Women will much more readily admit that they want assistance. We laugh about the stereotypical man who won’t ask for directions, even if he’s been lost for hours, maybe lifetimes! Shanti makes asking for dating directions fun and playful, even for the guys!!

With a variety of hands-on coaching options, Shanti takes her clients out-in-the-field where the dating game takes place. Shanti likes to see her clients in action where constructive adjustments can be implemented immediately. Often times just watching Shanti’s mastery of a social setting will ignite new and brave choices from her clients.

Shanti is not a matchmaker; though many of her clients have met their significant others while out-on-the-town with her. She does not give you a fish. Instead, she coaches you how to fish so that you can go out and catch “the big one” yourself. Some people prefer deep-sea fishing while others like a slow lake troll. Whatever is your preference, Shanti works with your style to enhance the best of you.

One final word, Shanti’s vibrant presence is quite infectious. You may want to stay clear of her if you wish to hold on to old crusty beliefs and attitudes. Are you ready to take that plunge into passion?!