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Shanti Owen, formerly known as Patty Owen, began an internationally successful modeling career where she graced the covers of magazines, catwalks, and celebrity haunts from 1979-1989. Wanting to balance her lofty life of glitz and glamour with some soulful foundations, Shanti embarked upon her transformational work in 1982. She began studying with Werner Erhard and later completed his EST Training program (Erhard Seminars Training) including the seminar series, the communication courses and the 6-Day program. Simultaneously, she began the study and practice of Transcendental Meditation (T.M.) along with intensive acting training which, for those that don’t know, is a journey in knowing oneself, one’s primary “character”.

PeaceIn 1986 Shanti began studying with a group from More University based out of Lafayette, California. The teachers from this university attain degrees in sensuality and are masters in relationships. Though Shanti learned much from this group, shortly after her studies with More University in 1987, she reignited her interests in Eastern philosophy when she met her meditation teacher in New York State. Soon after this meeting, Shanti made a major pilgrimage to India where she began studying and practicing yoga full time with the teacher. There she adopted the name SHANTI, which is a Sanskrit word that means peace and tranquility.

Between her sojourns in New York and India, Shanti met her husband in 1989, a fellow seeker of yoga, and left her modeling and acting career to immerse herself in the yoga teachings with him.

In 1995, Shanti felt the desire for further introspection, which brought her to The Landmark Forum course in NYC and within the year she completed their Curriculum for Living series and the Communication Courses. During this time, Shanti separated from her husband and she and her two-year-old daughter moved to NYC permanently. In 1996 Shanti began a romantic relationship that quickly went sour. She wanted out but he requested one more chance. So Shanti asked him to find a relationship counselor and he came up with Bruce and Regena Thomashauer of Relationship Technologies.

Realizing that she had a failed marriage and now a failed new relationship, Shanti became aware that she didn't have a clue how to have a good romantic relationship. She embraced Bruce and Regena's familiar philosophy (former students from More University) and dove in headfirst to study with them. In 1998 Regena opened a separate division, courses geared primarily for women, known famously now as Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts. Shanti absorbed herself in these teachings until 2004. Three books, several national magazine articles and talk shows later, Regena, also known as Mama Gena, continues to be an inspiration for Shanti.

Thanks to her many years of committed study, Shanti now has the ability not only to thrive in a traditional monogamous relationship but also a more exotic polyamourous lifestyle where one openly dates several lovers simultaneously as they all flourish. Shanti has become so masterful at dating that she has been able to coach many of her friends, acquaintances and clients who have improved their dating skills and gone on to greater happiness in their romantic lives, whether monogamous or polyamorous.  
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Since opening her Personal Dating Coach services and her Dynamic Dating Parties, Shanti has discovered the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and the transformational work of Personal Dynamics. She is very enthusiastic about her new found studies.

You may ask, "Why is a personal dating coach still studying? Doesn't she know her 'stuff' yet?" Shanti lives a philosophy that one of our great teachers, Mahatma Ghandi, encapsulated so beautifully, "Live as if you will die tomorrow, study as if you will live forever." She hopes you will find the fullfillment and wisdom in these teachings for yourself.