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With out giving too much of the magic away, Shanti begins the Dynamic Dating Parties with a fun group ice-breaker exercise. Next she involves them in some paired exercises where the temporarily formed couples go on a Mock Date for 5 minutes. The couples then get re-paired (and sometimes repaired!) and start again with someone new until each person has had an opportunity to Mock Date with several people. When the dating exercises are over, the group takes a "meet n mingle" break before entering the next phase of the fun.

Shanti then gives a brief introduction to the group regarding her view points on dating and relationships. Afterwards, she opens up the space for a question/answer session where some very fun awakenings ignite.

At the end of the evenings Shanti closes with a provocative group exercise that both reveals and beguiles even the shy ones. Clothes stay on but egos get stripped! By the evening’s end, digits are often exchanged and future Dynamic Dating Parties disclosed. Since the events take place in public bars or lounges, most participants choose to stay at the locations to get to know each other better and later to mingle with the rest of the public. Dynamic Dating Parties are great evening "fluffers". They can most definitely jump start your night!!!

By the way, Dynamic Dating Parties are not only for singles. Couples most definitely benefit from the romantic tips and straight talk. In fact, Shanti’s approach to all relationships, whether single or married, is to keep the dating atmosphere alive. In fact, couples have been joining the Dynamic Dating Parties in increasing numbers and adding greatly to the zest of the evening.

Don’t be shy, come on by!!!