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- Intro Session (one-on-one) * Prerequisite for all other sessions

- Dating goals

- Inventory of dating history

- Recommended guidelines for dating “futures”


- Mock Date (one-on-one)

- Date with Shanti who will role-play your dating goal

- Follow-up evaluation


- Blind Date (one-on-two)

- Date with blind date

- Shanti observes date

- Follow-up evaluation

- Choice Date (one-on-two)

- Date with client’s date of choice

- Shanti observes date

- Follow-up evaluation


- Party Time! (one-on-many)

- Shanti & client gallivant off to bars/clubs/social gatherings

- Free style “wing woman” teaming

- 10 minute follow-up evaluation by phone (within the next few days)


- Tune-up Time (one-on-one)

- Question & answer session

- Dating goals

- Recommended guidelines for dating ‘future

Dating Menu (Long distance)

Shanti Wires — Phone sessions are available.

Note: Customer calls in at his/her expense plus the cost of the session. (Payment must be made in advance.)

Shanti Express — Shanti is available for travel to her clients.

Note: Travel expenses, travel time fees & session fees are paid in advance in full. (Travel time fees are negotiable.)