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Personal date coaching IS a practical and enjoyable way to achieve your dating goals by understanding where you are, where you have been, and where you want to go in your romantic life. It begins with a non-judgmental assessment of your attitudes and skills and the development of a dating approach that fits your desires, followed by ob

servation and supportive evaluation as you put that approach into practice.

Personal date coaching IS an opportunity to take ownership of your dating life and to grow personally by making more satisfying connections with lovers and friends.

Personal date coaching IS fun, positive and empowering!

What Personal Dating Coaching Is Not

Personal date coaching IS NOT an escort service. All sessions take place in public or on the phone.

Personal date coaching IS NOT a form of psychological or relationship counseling or therapy.

Personal date coaching IS NOT a course of instruction in sexuality, sensuality, lifestyle or relationship management. Mastery of these subjects requires study, dedication and guided practice that can be found through enrollment in various schools and courses, which Shanti highly recommends and can suggest upon request.